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Chinese Medicine Dietary Therapy

Most if not all illness can be improved with diet.  Sun Simiao was a famous Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctor of the Sui and Tang dynasty.  He is known for stating that a physician should first understand the route of a disease and then treat it firstly with diet!  This thinking highlights the importance of diet in keeping healthy and reinforces that we literally are what we eat. 

The eastern view of nutrition works in the same way that the eastern view of medicine works. That is to provide a global framework that is flexible enough to be uniquely suited to an individual based on their state of health and also allowing room, in the case of nutrition, for an individuals

Traditional Chinese medicine Dietary therapy provides a powerful tool for correcting imbalances and is used alone or in conjunction with acupuncture and Qi Gong to restore balance to ones Organ Systems and channels.

Diet, a different perspective

Chinese medicine looks at food in a different way.  foods are described by qualities such as temperature, flavor, and action. TCM provides a unique energy and characteristic for each food such as hot/cold, salty/sweet/bitter flavors, and how foods influence and move in our bodies. 

The best way to look at this is to look an example.  Take the herb Ginger, in TCM this is viewed as having a hot energy.  Thus one of its properties is to have a warming affect on the body, this in turn helps to promote sweating, useful in fighting the common cold.  So if you suffer from a cold condition the warming elements of Ginger will help to restore balance.  All the foods we consume can be seen in this way and it opens up an exciting and practical way of self healing for many conditions.  

Have a look at the following link, it gives you a list of foods.  If you click on the individual foods you will get a feel for how they are seen to work.  As a practitioner Daniel will be able to help steer your choices in diet to help obtain optimum balance.  

Foods List

Some basic tips for eating well are as follows:

  1. Enjoy your food!:  think how they do it in Italy, sit down soak up your meal.  Create a positive mindset to eating.  
  2. Relax:  Keep a good posture and be aware of how you eat, talking on the phone while eating lunch is not going to help your digestion.
  3. Slowly:  Chew your food well and there is less work for the stomach, consider soups and stews for ease of digestion.  
  4. Drink separately:  A small cup of warm fluid may help digestion during a meal, however too much fluid especially when cold can flood the digestive process.  space out eating and drinking.
  5. Temperature:  Don't chill the digestive system.  Our digestive process likes a little warmth.  Too much ice drinks or raw food can slow the system down.
  6. Stop before you are full:  Overeating leads to overload on the Stomach and one can be left feeling sluggish and full.
  7. Eat locally:  Try and go for quality and locally sourced foods!  Less travel more nutrition, simple!   

bon appetit! 

This link has some really interesting ideas on food and the differences between the eastern and western approach.  It offers a useful beginners guide to TCM food energetics written by Daverick Leggett, enjoy.  

Energetics of food

If your interested in knowing more please get in touch with Daniel.  You can also get inspired by trying his winter warming soup! 






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Daniel Gorvett
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