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Daniel Gorvett

Daniel Gorvett, acupuncturist Barnstaple.

Tai Chi & Qigong

Online classes of Qigong and Tai Chi currently running via Zoom. 

Exploring breathwork, medical Qigong and channel theory.  Thursdays at 11:00 am in blocks of 4 sessions, recorded to cloud for access and practice at ones convenience.  Face to face workshops running in the term to provide fine tuning. 

Enrollment via highestsprings shop or please get in touch, all welcome.      

Daniel teaches Tai Chi and Qigong in Bideford and Barnstaple holding classes and workshops around the south west. This includes at acclaimed retreats such as Yeotown in North Devon. He is particularly interested on how these arts can be applied to improve health and well-being.

Daniel teaches Chen Man Ching short form, Qigong and Wuji standing exercises. The form although the same has some additional postures from the original Yang form as added by Dr Chi Chiang-tao (a leading disciple of Chen Man ching) in the late 1950’s due to his understanding of the health benefits they brought for his learners.

Click these links to see old videos of Dr Chi and Chen Man Ching practicing the forms beautifully.

Dr Chi Tai Chi.
Chen Man Ching.

Tai Chi Bang (Flute)

Daniel is an associate instructor for Master Jessie Tsao of Tai Chi Health Ways.

The Tai chi Bang eight immortal flute form is based on practices thousands of years old. Based on a Chinese folklore character called Han Xiang. He was one of 8 immortals whose power was a life giving flute! Created by master Tsao it combines Chen style Tai Chi coiling movements with self defence and Daoist meditation techniques. This routine helps to:

  • Cultivate internal energy and circulation.
  • Prevent carpal tunnel in computer users and musicians.
  • Promotes Strength, balance and flexible joints.
  • Provides meditation.
  • Trains tendons in the wrist for grip strength.
  • Good for conditioning in sports such as squash, tennis and cricket. 

Please click on this link to get a feel of Tai Chi Bang.

tai chi barnstaple bideford


Qigong is a Chinese healing art that encourages a series of gentle focused exercises and breathing techniques for mind and body. The practice facilitates the body's energy to flow smoothly by increasing stamina, flexibility and relaxation; thus the healing process is improved and accelerated. Qigong is especially valuable in treating, muscular skeletal, mental, respiratory, digestive and menstrual problems.

Daniel teaches five elements Qigong where the bodies internal organs and associating meridians are stretched and massaged. He also teaches Shibashi (18 movements); here breath work is specifically used to clear blockages, create flow, open the spine and relax the mind.

Meditation and Mindfulness

There are many ways to help the mind. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, overworked or just want some clarity in thought Tai Chi philosophy holds many gems in which to help train the mind and lead a more relaxed balanced life.

For interesting information on how meditation changes the structure of the brain and the resulting outcomes please read this article in Scientific America.

Daniel has many years experience in meditation and has good insight on an approach into this from a Tai Chi and Daoist perspective.  

Guided meditations via Zoom.  Covering, health body scans, breathing, acupuncture points and calming the nervous system.  

Sessions held most Saturday mornings 10:00 am on a donation basis.  Starting in Autumn running through to Spring for the darker months. 

Please get in touch for more information and access details.  

Client Testimonial

Ten years ago minor damage to my spinal cord killed motor nerves to my legs. After surgery I was told that they had stabilised the problem, but couldn’t help further…I was left with almost full faculties, but with a strange walk! As the muscles in my legs compensated they tightened up worsening matters. Physiotherapists suggested exercises, but not much happened. My wife and I always thought we would try Tai Chi once retired. After a fortuitous meeting with Dan Gorvett, he taught us seemingly effortless 18 exercises of the Shibashi Form. It's 3 months since I started my daily routine, although progress is slow it's been amazing. It has helped with my strength, flexibility, balance and breathing. I am now walking more normally. I whole heartedly recommend Tai Chi Qi Gong to young and old and Dan as your teacher, who is excellent and a fount of knowledge and enlightenment.


Based in North Devon, covering Barnstaple, Bideford, Braunton, South Molton and surrounding areas, with home visits available on certain days. Daniel is fully accredited and follows a clear code of practice approved by the Department of Health.